Alex Band - Aaron Kamin

THE CALLING                                                                   2001                                                                   RCA Records #

The lead single from the album Camino Palmero. Chart: #5, (#14 Alternative).
Time - 3:29. Released in U.S.A, June 4, 2001. .

Produced by Marc Tanner. Engineered by Marc Greene.

What is true is that Kamin was talking to someone at a funeral about loosing their spouse after decades, and putting himself in that persons shoes wondering what the person was going throught. What is not consistant is who he was talking to. Was it his grandmother's best friend's husband, his cousin's spouse, just a friend of the family? He can't remember. Released just 3 months before 9/11, the song fit right in with the tragic events as a calming aid. Released shortly before the event, the band did not get accused of taking advantage of a tragedy to promote a song. -Larry-


   Alex Band - lead vocals
   Aaron Kamin - lead guitar, backing vocals
   Sean Woolstenhulme - rhythm guitar
   Billy Mohler - bass
   Nate Wood - drums


"We were trapped in writing and waiting mode. Then I had a good friend of our family pass away. At the funeral I met a man whose wife had died. I put myself in his shoes for a moment, and thought about losing somebody who you did everything with for last 50 years."


"My cousin passed away, and he and his wife had been married for 50 some-odd years, and I was just putting myself in her shoes. Like, losing somebody after, like, 50 years."

AARON KAMIN - radio interview

"At the time my grandmother's best friend had passed away and she left behind a husband of 50 or more years and I was at the funeral and afterwards I just started thinking of what it would be like to be him and have your whole life change so dramatically and not for the best in a matter of moments. Somebody that you live and grow with and are one with, just to be gone, is crazy and I figured all he ever thinks about probably is finding a way to get back to her or be with her or make sure she's alright or something like that. That was the sentiment behind that."


"During those five years (with RCA) we were signed there were two years where it was like, You guys can make a record but you dont have the material. We locked ourselves in Aarons parents garage with the ProTools and made demo after demo of all these songs to give to the record company. [We kept on asking ourselves] Is this a hit? The answer would be No. In that period, Wherever You Will Go and the rest of the record was written, and passed over. Maybe its because we grew up with RCA, but they werent seeing how good the song was.

(Coyote Ugly movie) That turned things around. Somebody at Disney heard the demo and loved the song, loved the band - which was just me and Aaron and some friends. It wasnt the Calling. They wanted us in that movie. We shot Coyote Ugly and hadnt made the record yet. The movie came out a year later, but we still hadnt made a record!

September 11 was the first day of our tour, which made it all very interesting. But people are listening to the lyrics now and saying, Wow, I can relate to this because of everythings that happened."

YOU TUBE STUDIO TRACK VIDEO YOU TUBE LYRIC VIDEO YOU TUBE LIVE 2004, Paris, France So lately, been wondering Who will be there to take my place When I'm gone, you'll need love To light the shadows on your face If a great wave shall fall It'd fall upon us all And between the sand and stone Could you make it on your own? [Chorus:] If I could, then I would I'll go wherever you will go Way up high or down low I'll go wherever you will go And maybe, I'll find out The way to make it back someday To watch you, to guide you Through the darkest of your days If a great wave shall fall It'd fall upon us all Well I hope there's someone out there Who can bring me back to you [Chorus] Run away with my heart Run away with my hope Run away with my love I know now, just quite how My life and love might still go on In your heart, in your mind I'll stay with you for all of time [Chorus] If I could turn back time I'll go wherever you will go If I could make you mine I'll go wherever you will go I'll go wherever you will go