Geddy Lee - Alex Lifeson - Neil Peart

RUSH                                                                   1981                                                                   Mercury Records

The lead single from the album MOVING PICTURES. Chart: #55. Time - 4:18. Flip Side: "YYZ".
Released in U.S.A. February 28, 1981

Recorded at Le Studio, Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada, fall 1980. Produced by Rush and Terry Brown.

The lyrics were written by Neil Peart, music by Lee and Lifeson. Rush are a band the cherishes it's privacy. They have been a highly successful band on the world stage for decades. Despite this, they have been relatively obsure as individuals and can generally walk in public unnoticed, to a certain extent. This is a reason why the band never features photos of themselves on band album covers. This song was featured in the 2009 comedy movie "I Love You Man." - Larry -



   Geddy Lee - lead vocals, bass
   Alex Lifeson - lead / acoustic guitar
   Neil Peart - drums

Alex Lifeson - 1983

"We were very, very careful not to let it get the best of us. That sudden success can really change you and you become lazy and you constantly have other people doing things for you and you lose perspective on why you're there and really what you're doing."

Alex Lifeson - 2007

"It's funny: after all these years, the solo to "Limelight" is my favourite to play live. There's something very sad and lonely about it; it exists in its own little world. And I think, in its own way, it reflects the nature of the song's lyrics—feeling isolated amidst chaos and adulation."

Alex Lifeson - 2008:GuitarWorld

"Limelight" is about being under the microscopic scrutiny of the public, and the need for privacy—trying to separate the two and not always being successful at it. Because we've never been a high-profile band, we've managed to retain a lot of our privacy. But we've had to work at it. Neil's very militant about his privacy."

Neil Peart - 1983

"We were dealing with that at the time (fame), especially me as I'm kind of shy. That song was trying to deal with those themes and express them in some way. I realize now that it's inexpressible. When someone comes up to me and goes: "Neil!" And you don't know them... If anyone in normal life gets recognized by a stranger then it's just weird. I never set out to be famous, I set out to be good. .... Success puts a strain on the friendship and it puts the strains on your day-to-day relationship, and it's something that we did go through, you know, we're not immune to it. But we were able to overcome it just through our closeness and we were able to help each other with difficulties like that and then we could deal with the pressures and things and that."

Geddy Lee - 1988

"Well, Limelight was probably more of Neil's song than a lot of the songs on that album in the sense that his feelings about being in the limelight and his difficulty with coming to grips with fame and autograph seekers and a sudden lack of privacy and sudden demands on his time...he was having a very difficult time dealing with. I mean we all were, but I think he was having the most difficulty of the three of us adjusting; in the sense that I think he's more sensitive to more things than Alex and I are, it's harder for him to deal with those interruptions on his personal space and his desire to be alone. Being very much a person who needs that solitude, to have someone coming up to you constantly and asking for your autograph is a major interruption in your own little world. I guess in the one sense that we're a little bit like misfits in the fact that we've chosen this profession that has all this extreme hype and this sort of self-hyping world that we've chosen to live in...and we don't feel comfortable really in that kind of role."



YOU TUBE LIVE 2007: Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam, Netherlands 

Living on a lighted stage
Approaches the unreal
For those who think and feel
In touch with some reality
Beyond the gilded cage.

Cast in this unlikely role,
Ill-equipped to act,
With insufficient tact,
One must put up barriers
To keep oneself intact.

Living in the Limelight,
The universal dream
For those who wish to seem.
Those who wish to be
Must put aside the alienation,
Get on with the fascination,
The real relation,
The underlying theme.

Living in a fisheye lens,
Caught in the camera eye.
I have no heart to lie,
I can't pretend a stranger
Is a long-awaited friend.

All the world's indeed a stage,
And we are merely players,
Performers and portrayers,
Each another's audience
Outside the gilded cage.