Jakob Dylan

THE WALLFLOWERS                                                                   1996                                                                   Interscope Records

The lead single from the album Bringing Down the Horse.
Flip Side: "Used to Be Lucky/Angel on My Bike".
Chart: #33, #8 (Modern Rock). Time - 5:37. Released in U.S.A. .

Recorded in the USA, 1996. Produced by T-Bone Burnett.
Engineered by Tom Lord-Alge and

The Wallflowers brought this in for their first record. The record company didn't regognize it's hit potential and didn't even want it as an album track. After being dumped by Virgin Records because that album flopped, they signed with Interscope and this became the song that launched their career. - Larry -


   Jakob Dylan - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
   Michael Ward - lead guitar, backing vocals
   Greg Richling - bass
   Mario Calire - drums, percussion
   Rami Jaffee - organ, backing vocals
   Mike Campbell - slide guitar
   Matt Chamberlain - drums
   Adam Duritz - backing vocals


Jakob Dylan - 1996:San Francisco Chronicle

"That's a real literal story. I spend some time in New York City, and every morning when I woke up this homeless guy would be on the steps of the building across the street from mine. He lived there, and he'd wake up every day and play songs on his guitar. I woke up every day hearing him sing. After two months or so, he wasn't there anymore. All his stuff was still there, but he had disappeared. Pretty soon people started taking his stuff, and he never came back. I related to him in some way. He liked doing the same thing I liked doing,even though we came from two drastically different worlds. He moved on and I moved on, but in some way I felt a connection to him. "

Jakob Dylan - 2016:Rolling Stone

"I didn’t need help fielding songs or A&R’ing songs. I had all those songs when I showed up. You just start. You just go. I had “6th Avenue Heartache” around for the first record in ’92 and we just didn’t get the right take of it that I liked at the time. So I brought that song along for the second record. That wasn’t a song he wanted to record at the time. I had to push for it. Like, “We’re going to do it!” And if I remember, we only did it one time. That’s the one take.

By the time the album was finished, the record company was excited about “6th Avenue Heartache.” After “6th Avenue Heartache” had done well I think they were surprised they had a record they could keep working with."

YOU TUBE STUDIO TRACK VIDEO YOU TUBE LYRIC VIDEO YOU TUBE LIVE 1996, on Letterman Show Sirens ring, the shots ring out A stranger cries screams out loud I had my world strapped against my back I held my hands, never knew how to act And the same black line that was drawn on you Was drawn on me And now it's drawn me in 6th Avenue heartache Below me was a homeless man Singin' songs I knew complete On the steps alone, his guitar in hand It's fifty years, stood where he stands And the same black line that was drawn on you Was drawn on me And now it's drawn me in 6th Avenue heartache Now walkin' home on those streets The river winds move my feet Subway steam, like silhouettes in dreams They stood by me, just like moonbe